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Remnant Worship Center

Pastor Lorenzo Patterson was born in Chicago Illinois to Robert Patterson and Maryam Reddick. He is the father of three.  He later moved to Jacksonville, Florida and graduated from William Raines High School. He received a soccer scholarship to Limestone College in Gafney South Carolina.   

Pastor Lorenzo Patterson  received Christ in his life in 1998. He later received the baptism of the Holy Ghost in 2006, under the leadership of the late Dr. Mary Austin Jones (We’re for Jesus Ministry) . Being delivered from a life on the streets and gangs he joined this ministry and worked diligently to serve and honor God. He was later licensed as a minister under the leadership of Bishop Elijah Johnson and later ordained June 2016 as a Minister of the Gospel. His dedication and devotion to helping others come to Christ was found faithful and was elevated as President of “change from dope to hope”  of We’re for Jesus an outreach Ministry which help others in their deliverance from a life of drugs and addiction. His boldness to get the Gospel to the streets led to him to outreaching in Cleveland Arms, Atlantic Arms, where he preached the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Pastor Lorenzo kept serving diligently and later met and married on April 01, 2018, Apostle Dr. Barbara Patterson.  He was later ordained Pastor November 11, 2018. He works side by side with her. He a Real estate Investor which he is also the President and founder of Excellent Housing  LLC. The hand of God is on his life as he continues to encourage others to go after their dreams.  

He is a living testimony that there is nothing to hard for God Jehovah. And that the blood still works.


Apostle Dr. Barbara Patterson was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida to the late Lucious Thompson and Henrietta Mobley-Walker.   She is the mother of five. She is the proud grandmother of seven. On April 01, 2018 she walked down the aisle and became the wife of  Pastor Lorenzo Patterson who works by her side diligently. Understanding kingdom and desiring to help others she will soon become a licensed realtor. She and her husband Pastor Patterson are the Owners of Excellent Housing LLC.

She is a graduate of Samuel W. Wolfson Senior High School in which she graduated with honors. She received her Doctor of Divinity Degree from St. Thomas Christian College in Jacksonville, Florida. She is the Senior Apostle of Reviving the Remnant Holy Family Church, where she has served faithfully as Pastor for 33 years.

Apostle Dr.  Barbara Patterson takes her call serious and is known throughout Jacksonville and North America for her ability to address real issues while not compromising her authenticity.  As her ministry centers on deliverance and warfare she continues to preach and teach expose the devices of satan through the spoken Word of GOD. She is an outstanding Pastor and mentor to many.  The Lord has shifted her ministry to another dimension.  In 1999 she founded Strong Women for Jesus and hosted it for 9 years.      

Understanding and obeying the voice of God, she acknowledged the call as an Apostle of the Lords Church.  In April 2013, she was consecrated to the office of an Apostle by  Chief Apostle Felton O. Best of Sanctuary of Faith Churches Int. Windsor Ct. and serves as President over the Pastors and Elders

The shift continues, in 2016 she organized and presently serves as the Chief

Apostle of Remnant Kingdom Covenant in which she serves as Apostle of four churches three in Jacksonville, and one in Pooler, GA

She continues to travel and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Assistant Pastor's

Xavier McClendon

Dr. Angela Washington

Ministers & Evangelist

Minister Theresa Grant, Evangelist Antonette James, Charnece Brimm


Senior Deacon Leroy Baker,  David James,  James Walker, Gerald Mathews Jr


 Beth Wade,  Demetrice Brooks, and Rose Miller

Church Mothers

Mother Henrietta Walker, Mother Evelyn Woods, and Mother Lucille Wilson (RIP-Deceased)

Remnant Worship Center
4822 Sunbeam Rd. | Jacksonville, Florida 32257 | PH: (904) 364-5213
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